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Janurary 2021- Applique How To

Hi everyone! Allison here coming to you with a quick and easy applique tutorial for adding simple little added details to your makes.  This is going to be a really simple way that uses the glue stick method instead of interfacing.  I may come back in the spring with another tutorial on how to use interfacing in applique.

Squeaking in just before the month of January ends, let’s get started!

What you’ll need:

  1. The piece that you will be adding the details onto.  I like to do cute little things on the front of my makes so I will be showing you how to add them on to the front of a baby onesie for this tutorial
  2. The fabric that you would like to use for the applique.  In this instance, I used sherpa because I am making cute little clouds on the front.  I commonly like to use just scrap pieces of cotton lycra or even french terry.  The sky's the limit!
  3. Applique templates/patterns.  I used a simple cloud template that I use out of Menta’s patterns.  I own a few of her patterns so I just transferred it over to use in this instance.  I recommend looking to pinterest for templates or simply drawing your own!
  4. Scissors.  I used fabric and paper scissors, can’t mix the two!!
  5. Glue stick.  Any will do!  I use washable ones I have leftover from buying school supplies.
  6. Pins/pattern weights.  I like to use pins but feel free to use whatever you would prefer to hold the template down.
  7. Thread!  I like to match my thread to my makes but you can always add even more unique details by using contrasting thread.

First step is to gather all the materials.  Once you have them then you can start by cutting out your template.  I used two sizes of clouds.  To cut them out of the sherpa, which is my applique fabric, I just pinned the template to the fabric on the wrong side and started cutting.  You can choose to trace but with the difficulty of this fabric I chose to just cut directly around the template

Second step is to attach the applique to the garment.  I like to lay them out to get an idea of where I’d like the shapes to be placed before I stick them on with glue.  I simply leave them where they are, flip them over and just glide the glue on.  With glue sticks a little goes a long way.  Even with this fuzzy sherpa I didn’t need a lot!  I like to let the glue dry for 10-15 minutes so this is a great time for a refreshment break!

Next we are sewing the shapes on!  I like to use a walking foot when working with almost any of my makes.  It was especially helpful with this thicker sherpa!  I set my machine to the farthest setting I can get to the right and up the stitch length to 3.  I would recommend between a 3-4 for applique.  I usually use 4 but because this fabric was a looser weave I did a shorter length.  Then you just sew!  I like to do ⅛” but really you can do anything that suits the style of the design you’re doing.  I know sometimes I like to go around 2-3x and get a “messier” look to my stitching to make it more unique.

Now you can sew your garment as per the pattern you are following!  It’s super important to do this before garment assembly since it is quite difficult to try to maneuver it after it’s all sewn up.  Let us know in the group if you end up doing any applique!  We love seeing everyone’s makes.