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Collection: Small Batch Custom Printing

Small batch Customs are an option available with every preorder round to anyone wanting a unique print or a previously run SVK print. Preorder round run once per month and have a turnaround time of approximately 4-5 weeks from round close to shipping notification. 

What do you need to know?

1. Small batch customs have a minimum of 2m/base/print or enough panels to fit across the width of fabric.

2. You can provide your own image or choose one of ours

3. I can make small edits to images at no additional charge; large changes may be refused or charged a small fee depending on my availability of time and the quantity of editing needed. 

4. I will not print anything that includes copyrighted images unless you are the owner of that image. ex no Disney

5. When you are ready to order send us a message on our facebook page or email us at for current pricing and to have a custom listing set up.

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